About us

Letter to Santa Claus was created to boost children’s excitement and joy at Christmastime. Given that it is such a magical time, Santa Claus called us from the North Pole asking us to help him answer the thousands of letters that he was getting from all over the world. Thanks to our team which gathers together around this time of year, we didn’t hesitate to make it a unique time by writing high-quality, personalized letters.

We know that this is very special, so we decided to create high-quality letters that will last many years. In this way, your child can keep their letters as of those mementos they’ll always cherish. Our paper is thick, durable, and large-sized, plus it comes with an envelope designed by and for children.

If you want to be part of this special memento and see the excitement and smiles on your child’s face on Christmas day knowing that Santa Claus carved out a niche in his busy schedule to answer them, get in touch with us and become Santa’s helper for a day.

We are an original and authentic Letter from Santa.