5 Christmas meals you should already have in mind to surprise your diners

It seems too early to think about the menu, isn’t it? Well, you are wrong, the sooner you start thinking about the menu, the more time you will have to get down to work and practice those works of art that your diners are looking forward to seeing and trying.

Today we are going to leave you here some ideas of dishes or elaborations that never fail in a good dinner or Christmas meal.

Lamb or Roast Turkey

Whether lamb, turkey, chicken or pork, roasting is undoubtedly one of the most traditional dishes at Christmas time. In the U.S., their traditional Turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving is just a preview of what’s on offer at Christmas dinner. This same Turkey is also made in the United Kingdom, a roasted and stuffed turkey, accompanied by pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts and other baked vegetables.


Seafood is very popular as a Christmas dinner especially in Spain, specifically in the area of Galicia and on the coast. The elaborations are very varied, from mussels, through scallops, seafood splash, clams, etc. Seafood can be used as a starter or as a main course.


Baked fish

Not everyone is in favour of eating meat at Christmas and prefers to opt for a piece of fish. Depending on the area we will opt for one or another fish, but sometimes the most important thing is not the piece itself, but the garnish. Be sure to accompany your dish with vegetables, a good sauce, and a little wine to accompany and flavour the preparation.



Panettone, or sweet bread, is native to Italy, but has spread through many countries to be considered a typical sweet at Christmas time. Its elaboration is not complicated despite its incredible appearance. It is made with a brioche type dough, stuffed with raisins and other candied fruits such as orange, lemon, etc.

It is characterized above all by its shape and its flavour that does not leave anyone indifferent.


Countries such as France, Italy or Spain are great nougat products. Nougat is the quintessential Christmas sweet and although it seems not, you can also make your own nougat from home. In this way you can offer a much more original dessert, healthier and to the taste of your diners.


Haven’t you prepared your Christmas menu yet? What are you waiting for? Christmas is just around the corner and Santa Claus is already more than ready to bring happiness to all the children of the world.


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