It’s time for crafts

Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year for a large majority of people for reasons such as family reunions, the atmosphere of magic and illusion, meals and, above all, the Christmas decoration.

This plays a very important role in this time since they have a great responsibility in when creating atmosphere. Likewise, both at home and in the city, everything is filled with trees with ornaments, lights, garlands, etc.

However, most of the time the excesses and waste are hidden in the hidden part as we become buying, using and throwing machines. This not only affects us at the domestic level with an added expense to the family economy, but it has a very negative result for our planet, taking into account all the lights or ornaments that are lit for many hours and, which, they change from one year to the next even if they are in a correct state.

To do this, we have decided to bring this publication to families through which we want to add our grain of sand with some small recyclable and reusable ideas through which we can decorate our house without feeling guilty.

  1. The little glass jars: Everybody has or has ever had one or several glass jars, even bottles, which we can use to create some unique decorations. We can fill them with pebbles, lights, water and glitter, etc. Or paint them with Christmas motives so that we can put candles and these are highlighted.
  2. Corks: Making Christmas decorations from these plugs is extremely simple. You can create all kinds of figures by joining them together and hanging them throughout your house. Remember that you can paint them with typical Christmas colors.
  3. Flowers and snowflakes: If we decide to give an opportunity to plastic bottles that are left empty at home we can create flowers or snowflakes by trimming the bases of the bottles and painting them with their corresponding colors.
  4. Renew Christmas balls: If we find that our Christmas balls bore us several years ago, it is as simple as doing a facelift. You can paint them over and add some new element (stars, glitter, sequins …) or cover them with old fabrics.
  5. Recycle bulbs: If you have a garland of lights that no longer work, do not throw it away. You can paint them with Christmas motives such as snowmen, dads noeles, etc. Adding details such as a hat or a scarf to be totally original and you can hang it again.

With these little tricks it is very easy to save in economy and do our planet a favor doing these crafts as a family, having a good time!


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