Christmas Crafts

Approximate dates are approaching for both adults and children, although the latter makes them special illusion. For them it is a pile of good news, from the Christmas holidays, to the gifts of Santa Claus and the Magi, meals, games and family vacations, etc. But sometimes keeping them entertained all the time is complicated, so today we propose the creation of Christmas greetings for family and friends.

The options are very varied. You can choose to give your children, cousins ​​or nephews a paper and pencils and to create, but the result may not be the most professional. Therefore, we recommend that you go to a stationery store and ask for templates that the little ones can color.

If you have a slightly more creative team, do not hesitate to make your own templates, it will take more time, so that more time than the kids are entertained. First of all you will need material, sheets, cards and crayons. You can entrust the elders who are designing, for example, Christmas trees, stars, balls, houses, reindeer, cribs, etc. Once you have several designs you just have to get down to work and let your imagination fly. The images of Santa Claus and Reyes would be a good option that you already have because they are more complex images.

If you dare you can also buy colored paper and teach your little students to make envelopes, larger or smaller.
When you have the drawings you only have to adapt them to the size you want the congratulations, print them, fill them with a Christmas message, insert them in your envelopes and send them.


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