Christmas Eve

We are approaching Christmas Eve and that means also a special meeting with the whole family, big and small together in this special dinner for which we propose a traditional menu of these dates that you can elaborate among the whole family, everyone can participate and show off in the kitchen.

Let’s start with a good decoration of the table on which you will have dinner that night. You can include tablecloths with Christmas motifs, candles or some adornment such as pine trees, nutcracker dolls and other Christmas-themed items. Encourage your children to write the names of family members on posters and decide where each one will sit.

As appetizers we suggest you start with a quality foie gras, accompanied by a soft sparkling wine, this dish will precede the other dishes of the dinner. Other dishes to share are oysters and seafood with a good dry white wine. For the little ones you can make some soft cheese lollipops.

As a main course, what is most cooked is turkey, pork ham or veal, roasted in the oven. It is usually accompanied with cranberry sauce, homemade mashed potatoes or gravy sauce.

Traditionally, the well-known side dishes are also put on the table so that each one can serve the accompaniment they want. These dishes are normally seasonal vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.

For the sweetest moment of the evening the traditional apple pie is prepared. This dessert consists of a puff pastry pie filled with caramelized apples, baked later. We can also replace it with a Christmas pudding. The dessert also fills the table with special Christmas sweets such as gingerbread cookies and some fruits.

We hope that everyone in the house collaborates in the preparation of the dinner and, above all, enjoy the food in this magical night.


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