Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions

Like any time of year, Christmas also has its customs. In eachcountry are different, but there are some that at all points ofthe world are shared year after year and today want to knowmore thoroughly.

Decorate homes. Lights of colors, balconies full ofdecoration and even gardens or outside of the House. At Christmas everything is full of color and children enjoy placing all in instead. Socks in the fireplace and the most important and essential, the tree well mounted and placedperfectly. Without a doubt, the moment of Assembly is one which most can enjoy at home always.

Family reunions. Without place to doubt, family gatheringsmark a before and an after in Christmas. Several days are those listed on this date and many expected by all. Whole families gather for lunches and dinners that are waiting anxiously. Gifts are distributed, sing songs and smiles ofchildren flooded homes.

Behave well. Oddly enough the smaller moderate itsattitude when Christmas is coming. They know if Santa Claussees that they have behaved badly surely having coal 25. Forthis reason, many small take advantage of these dates toshow their best attitude and behavior both at home andoutside.

Go to events. The cavalcades of Reyes, Santa Claus visits to shopping malls make children stop him your letter orother events are the main at this time. In them, nervous children come with the best of their smiles to wait for SantaClaus to meet all your Christmas wishes.

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